March 2011 Intel Retiree News Flash

The Intel Retiree Organization has discontinued publication of the newsletter but will provide a monthly email “News Flash” which will be proactively sent to all our Intel Retiree Organization members. Our goal is to keep retirees informed of important announcements, benefit changes, volunteer opportunities in their local area, and great stories of what our retirees are doing today. Because this is our first News Flash we would appreciate your feedback. Please send your comments to our mailbox.

From the Board: Barbara Frank, President

Intel retirees once again raised the bar on donating through the annual Intel Giving Campaign. Donations increased 8% from 2009.

– 2009 results: 113 retirees pledged: $667, 736
– 2010 results: 94 retirees pledged: $718,320
(Intel Match: $241,026 Total amount: $949,346)

The discouraging part is that the number of retirees participating in the program decreased by 17%. We are working with Intel to better understand why the participation numbers seem to be shrinking. If you currently do not participate and would like to share your thoughts, please contact us at our mailbox.

Our organization is growing and if you would like to participate in either a committee or on the board, please send an email to our mailbox.

We currently need a site coordinator for New Mexico.

Benefit Changes/Updates: Cheryl Pruss,

Chair Recently we sent an email about issues with the SERMA/YSA (Your Spending Account) changes. We have posted a four page tip sheet on our website describing process changes and tips and tricks.

Volunteer Opportunities: Ben Manny, Chair

Intel Retirees have increased their volunteer activities in 2010 by 8% which will bring 52,394.5 hours to 291 nonprofits. Here is the breakdown by area.

Site Retirees

Site Retirees Hours Organizations
AZ 20 7,984.0 31
CA – Folsom 18 2,888.0 28
CA – Santa Clara 39 12,732.0 73
CO 4 1,510.5 6
Field Sales 2 245.0 2
MA / NH / NJ 6 831.5 11
MN 7 1,122.5 8
OR 76 24,564.0 128
S. Carolina 1 279.0 2
WA 2 238.0 2
Total 175 52,394.5 291

Intel retirees are eligible to participate in the Intel Matching Grant program. If you are volunteering for a 501C3 nonprofit, be sure to log your hours with Intel. It will bring dollars to your organization. For every hour that Intel U.S. Retirees volunteer, the Intel Foundation will match those hours with a grant once the organization reaches 20 hours for the year. The volunteer hours are paid at the rate of $10/hour. Be sure to log your hours and submit your hours for 2011 by the end of the year. The form is available online at

Retiree Articles/Communications: Elyce Wair, Chair

Intel retirees have transitioned from employee to retiree. Each has chosen his or her own path and all are actively engaged in life. Read some of our stories…..

  • Retirement means changing focus for Sudhir Bhagwan
  • Bay Area retirees donate many hours volunteering in the community.
  • Retiring was great, but so was Intel by Greg Hoyt.
  • Off to the Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia by Sam Louke A Bike Ride and a Party with 8500 Friends by Jim Hoffman

Website Transition: Judy Goodman, Chair

The Intel Retiree Organization is working closely with Intel on the development of a new and more feature-rich retiree website. The design and feature list has been reviewed by an Intel contractor and a contract is in place to begin the work. Intel is sponsoring the project and will do the initial development with the Intel Retiree Organization assuming full responsibility for maintaining the website once it is developed. It will be implemented outside of Intel which will continue to enable us to provide important information for the retirees.

For the Latest Information our website is and if you have any questions, please send them to our mailbox.

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